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Viking Magic

Looking very Canadian but registered in the US as a pleasure boat with builder unknown and year built left blank. In Canada a boat with the same name was built in 1979 in Delta, BC and came off the register in 1999. Anyone know the story? The Canadian boat belonged to Seppo Makkonen in 1992.

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  1. Ukee girl says:

    Had many a great time with the guys partying on the Viking Magic! The sons, Jaakko and Rob were great guys. Jakob got into abit of trouble and his dad was getting older so I believe the boat was sold. Would live to hear from Jaakko and Rob again and hear how they are doing so if anyone knows them please pass on the email greengummybair@gmail.com.

  2. K McElwain says:

    Is currently listed by Pacific Boat Brokers as a Wahl built in 1980 and 38 x 13 X 5’6″ and in Seattle.

  3. Irving Billy says:

    Wahl boat, Finnish fellow named Jarrko and his son Zeppo owned it during the 80’s

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