From the Bering to the Baja


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  1. Mike Florian says:

    Hello there. I owned the Taplow from 1978 until about 1984. When Carl Strand owned it the Taplow was rigged for halibut fishing. I served as a deckhand on it from about 1968 to 1972. When Carl retired, he sold it to Vaughn Mark who converted it to a dragger. I bought it in 1978 and fished herring with the Taplow, it dragged in the winter and trolled in the summer. After I sold it the boat was converted to a packer. The salmon licence was sold to another company. Packing salmon, it sank somewhere in the Broughtons, was resurrected and continued to pack out of Nanaimo. Just recently I learned again it sank in Washington state. I kept the name Taplow for the name of my company. It always brought me good luck. Mike Florian

  2. Jeff says:

    The Tablow sank 29 mile south of Grays Garbk, October 6th 2016. Crew of 5 rescued.

  3. Glenn Bigbear says:

    Sorry to hear the good ship TAPLOW was lost. I remember seeing it coming out of the fog one year,up by chrome island.. after loosing count of how many hours I’d been in the herring skiff,. I just wanted to swim over to the TAPLOW and get warm.

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