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Rendal built 1945 in Prince Rupert by Ole Wick. I remember when, 20 years ago, she was beautifully maintained on A-float at False Creek

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  1. Byron Woodliffe says:

    I owned the Rendal from 1974 to 1994.I was the man that kept her on A float and also kept the boat in immaculate shape.It is sad to see her in such bad condition.

    • alanhaigbrown says:

      Hi Byron: I remember talking to you at that time. I wonder if a new owner could still put this great boat back in shape?

  2. Graham Gibson says:

    I have owned the Rendal since 2010. I payed 5000$ for it then. It was in very rough shape then.It had almost completely sunk. Since then we have rebuilt the engine. Converted the main deck for sport fishing. I know it does not look that good from the outside but is in good running shape. It is coming out of the water today to get repainted back to its original colour. I will post some new pictures once it is done. It is worth more money in parts rate now. We dont have the heart to scrap it. It is for sale to the right person If they want to bring her back to original condition. It is sound as a nut from the floor down.

  3. Jim Hawkins says:

    I fished on the Rendal in the 90s on a ZN licence it was a great old sea boat that got us everywhere on the coast from Cape Mark to Anthony Island, Brooks peninsula, in the harshest weather as we fished her in the winter.At the time it was based out of Ganges

  4. paul bourke says:

    Hi Byron,
    I was trying to find your phone number and this piece about the Rendal came up!

    Please send me phone number or email address

  5. byron woodliffe says:

    I owned this great boat from 1974 to 1994.It was built in Prince Rupert in 1944.It was a very forgiving sea boat and I put the boat through some real extreme weather year after year and she never let me down.While I owned the boat I fished salmon,halibut,black cod and dragged for shrimp also.When I bought the boat she was powered by a Gardner 6LW but re-powered her in 1979 with a new Gardner 6LX.It saddens me to see her in such bad condition.

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