From the Bering to the Baja



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  1. alanhaigbrown says:

    Lynn Murray reports, “yes your info is correct exact build year may be off a bit. an older couple bought it from him and lived on it and fished it out of Nanaimo harbour for years. is it still around? I built and owned the mystic Isle 1972 boat harbour. ever see or here anything about it ? last time I saw it was in chemanius b.c.. What does it mean when status closed comes up on registration do you know? MYSTIC ISLE (O.N. 347441) built as said above 42ft . my brother had twilight star also built boat harbour 1968 app. any news on these would be interesting thank you Lynn”

    • David Day says:

      I own the Mystic Isle. She now lives down in Newport, Or. She even docks near the Murrelet I got her about five years ago. Guy named Butch had her before me down in Eureka. I would love to her some old Mystic Isle stories. I will work on getting a photo on here.

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