From the Bering to the Baja


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  1. Andrew says:

    More information on the Estevan at the bottom of the website:

    • alanhaigbrown says:

      Andrew: Thanks for the note. Looks like there is a story on direct marketing there that I should be writing.

      • alanhaigbrown says:

        From the bctuna web page:
        Bruce’s current boat, the “Estevan”, started its career as “Lorraine C” in Newport, Oregon. A Wahl-designed vessel with classic West Coast lines, it was built in 1973 and it was mostly used as an Albacore tuna boat stateside. When Bruce brought it up from Oregon in 2005, it was ready for a major overhaul, which was done with vital body parts from a ship-wrecked sister vessel, “Larissa” from BC. The transformation took place at Shelter Island Marina and the boat was reborn as the “M.V. Estevan”, a graceful, solid and serviceable wooden Canadian tuna vessel having an overall length of 50 feet.

      • Andrew says:

        I’m sure they would appreciate that.

  2. Grant fritz says:

    Looking for wahl or simular 39 ft

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