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On this page, as on others, I would like to build a collection of photos of boats, each one with a caption or even a small story that I can add to over time with the help of readers. Additions can be sent as e-mails to the editor and I will add them to the appropriate boat on the appropriate list.

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  1. lia mcdonald says:

    i worked on the Rendall, Tutrix and others have some great photos and slides of the west coast in the early/mid 70’s worked in the the fishing group out of Ucluluet including the Dora Mae ll with Ron,Renadal with Byron the Tutrix with Adrian and the Ulf with Bryan and others, spent some time at BC packers and then the Co-op have photos of “The Shadow” from the Adams river run …off the west coast.. well long time ago

  2. lia mcdonald says:

    oh and the Thouroughbuilt and the Coral Sea

  3. Christopher Pence says:

    My brother Robert Pence and I own a troller built by Ole Wicks in Oona River in 1946 as “Stalin”, shortly thereafter renamed “Pride”. Now named “Sally Ann.” The vessel is restored and converted for pleasure. Let me know if you’d like a photo or other information. Thank you for your work to preserve this history. – Chris Pence

    10941 NE Seaborn Road
    Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
    (206) 686-2300
    (206) 276-6434 Cell

  4. Sharon Hibak says:

    I am trying to find a family friend who fished out of Steveston/Ladner area. His name is Barry McGregor, he fished with my dad Jim Hibak (West Away). Barry’s boat (s) were The Manatoo (not sure of the spelling). If anyone knows where he is and or how I can find him I would be very grateful. Please email me at sandstoad@gmail.com. Thanks

  5. David todd says:

    Saw a fishing vessel tied up in Anacortes, washinton, 2 yrs ago
    Name was “Sterling” – she looked in age and appearance to be a sister ship to “Cape Ross” as she was in her original form but that is unlikely

    Any info available on the “sterling” ?

    • alanhaigbrown says:

      That is interesting as the Cape Ross and sister ships were built at Canfico’s Sterling shipyard. But the US registry has a FV Sterling built in 1929 and hailing from Anacortes. That was 20 years before the other boats were built. However the designer Hansen built beamy boats and seems, according to GAs in the Bellingham museum, to have always put a visor over the wheelhouse windows another distinctive feature of the Cape Ross and sisters.

  6. Ken Gibson says:

    I have many WC photo’s of boat’s-But 50 years ago ‘
    I need a E-mail address.

  7. John Alto says:

    The Dawn Venture is still fishing. Tied up a few slips away from my troller in Warrenton, Oregon.

  8. My father Bud North had the Arvilan (38 ft. troller) built in 1939 and fished her until his retirement. I heard in June that this beautiful boat is still being fished by her owner Dave _____. I would love to be in touch with Dave. Our family has photos and paintings by my sister Arvilla. We would gladly share.

    • Judith Phillips says:

      I was just transcribing a 1999 recording of Ted Cox when he mentioned Maude Meyer, who married Bud North. You must be a descendant of those two. My husband, Marc Phillips grew up in Bamfield and we are collecting for the archives there. Would you have photos, etc. of your relatives in Bamfield . Judith.

  9. Roy Alexander says:

    Hi ken
    We are collecting westcoast boats pictures for a project in Ucluelet…would love to have your pix…and share all with Alan. Cheers Roy

  10. brad says:

    The coral sea.is in sitka ak fished on it a couple of days ago

  11. brad says:

    Its in sitka ak fished on it a couple of days ago

  12. Roy Alexander says:

    The Boat was the Manitou and Barry and his family were family friends in Coquitlam where I grew up. Bill was a shingle sawyer in port Moody with my father.His dad Bill and Barry both fished Halibut till Bill retired. Barrys sister Sandra still lives in surrey I believe. My sister may know her contact.

  13. Martin Milner says:

    Can anyone out there give me any history of Sea Maid, I’ve owned this boat for over 15 yrs and know very little about her. 36ft ex-troller, not registered. Thanks Martin..

  14. Doug Schultz says:

    I currently own Blue Eagle. It is a 1949 built troller from Vancouver.
    I would love any info that people may have into her past.
    From what I understand She was fishing out of Ucluelet until about 1970 and then out of Campbell River until about the 90’s. She was converted to pleasure use in the late 90’s, made her way all the way down to San Diego and has been back in Vancouver for the last 5 years.
    Thanks for the list so far.

  15. Iver Erickson says:

    My dad built a gillnetter called the Miss Dover and kept it at Annieville until the late 80s. I am looking for any pictures of her. Thanks Iver contact: intheslough@hotmail.com

  16. chris silvey says:

    Looking for info on my dads boat f.v. mar-chris built by cyril Thames in 1952 she was live well boat and troller would like to no her were abouts thanks

  17. Karen Novik says:

    Anyone have any photos of the Windsurfer, Joy Lynn, or Kaare, Kaare II. Owned by Novik. I saw a Picture of the Myrtle V further up here. Same Myrtle V owned by Kaare Novik?

  18. dave pruden says:

    The Coral Sea used to be a table seiner in B C and had the name Gavin B . I had heard she was built in Victoria Harbour at the foot of Fort Street in 1946 . Now in Sitka Alaska . Regards

  19. Greg says:


    Looking for any pictures of F.V. Northern Fulmar – owned by Tom Kasmer – I fished on this boat for a couple of seasons (Freezer Troll/Longline) I have lost all pictures I had taken. Used to be owned, I believe by Al Brown – Tom fished out of Nanaimo – though we had the boat out of Port Alberni a lot too. Any help would be much appreciated. Miss those day…. hard work – good money – salt water….

  20. Elaine Clay says:

    I am looking for a issue of ‘the Westcoast Fisherman’ dating May 1990. I am doing research on Len Clay and putting together an article on the family history and he was feature in that issue.
    If you can help me find one please call 778-426-0883.

  21. Harvey says:

    How bad is it. Had radiation killed any of the fish, and are you able to harvest them as safe food any more.

  22. Pam Withers says:

    I would like to briefly tour a converted troller, 35-40 feet roughly, to help me with depicting one in a novel I am working on (my 20th book). I know it’s an unusual request but Alan Haig-Brown has been kind enough to encourage me to post my message here. I live in Vancouver.

  23. Pam Withers says:

    Pam Withers says:
    (2nd try)

    I would like to briefly tour a converted troller, 35-40 feet roughly, to help me with depicting one in a novel I am working on (my 20th book). I know it’s an unusual request but Alan Haig-Brown has been kind enough to encourage me to post my message here. I live in Vancouver. am willing to travel to you.

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