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Carolyn Ruth

Carolyn Ruth has interesting lines and it would be good to hear more about her.

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  1. John Kohnen says:

    Carolyn Ruth started life as a Monterey clipper. Her present owner (or at least a few years ago) completely rebuilt her and fiberglassed her. He reworked her so much that when I asked him who built her her said, “me.”

  2. Amanda Smith says:

    My dad, Larry is the current captain of the Carolyn Ruth. She’s a tuna magnet and this year has been my dad’s best year for salmon. I’ll try to post some pictures.

    • alanhaigbrown says:

      Amanda: Thanks for that and all the best to your dad, he fishes a good looking boat. More pics of the boat and your dad at work would be most welcome.

  3. Amanda Smith says:

    It’s great that there’s a website where people can share their stories about these awesome fishing vessels. I am actually going out with my dad tomorrow so I will have a lot of pictures of Carolyn Ruth at work.

  4. Cammy Davis says:

    Oh my gosh, that was my mom and dad’s boat! My dad did completely rebuild her. She was in our yard for years. He took her down to the bare bones and then rebuilt her changing the cabin to rounded in the front. I’m an artist and always have loved the colors he chose, she stands out amongst the rows of white fisher boats. She’s really seaworthy, fishermen would talk about this little mom and pop fishing boat that would go out and crab when the big boats would stay in dock. That was my mom and dad! My mom of course, being Carolyn Ruth! They sold her years ago when they retired and she now lives in the Charleston Harbor. :)

  5. Page says:

    This used to be my Papa’s boat – my grandma is Carol ❣️

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