Bristol Bay July 2000

Welcome to The Westcoast Fisherman page. On this page we aim to celebrate the independent fisherman from the Bering to the Baja. The people who spend days, months and years at sea can offer important perspectives on fisheries management. It will be you, the fisherman, who can best document the exciting history of the fisheries of the Pacific Coast. We invite you to apply for a free subscription and we look forward to your participation on these pages.  Any suggestions for improvement will be most welcome.

Alan Haig-Brown

8 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Ross Dobson says:

    interested in any photos of troller “Spring Mist”, plus B.C. seiners from past years, skippered by Carey Myers.

  2. Ante Vojnovic says:

    Dear gentlemans,

    I am from Croatia, Europe. Before few months i fall in love on one fishing ship and buy it. It is unusual for Adriatic sea. All on him is “Made in Canada”.
    It will be glad that You help me identificate type of ship and maybee shipyard.

    Many greetings from croatian fisherman!!!

    Ante Vojnovic

  3. Chris clattenburg says:

    Your magazine did a story on the ocean select when she was traveling south of Cape mudge South of Campbell River BC. I believe It was around 1989. you showed a series of photos when she was in a store. I was wondering if there was anyway I would be able to acquire copies thank you for your time. I look forward to your response

  4. Pete Peterson says:

    Great stories and pitchers Allan

  5. Joanne Dudoward says:

    Grew up in Prince Rupert area and my father was a commercial fisherman. Interested in joining your group..
    Thank you..

  6. Paul Galliazzo says:

    Mario Tara of Tara Boatworks was my maternal grandfather. I remember climbing around in his boathouse on the dike at Port Guichon just past the Westham Island bridge back in the early 60’s. I have afew of his old handmade wooden planes. Have always admired how his boats have lasted so long and how they were built with so little technology. Great site

  7. Nicholas b says:

    Hi my name is nicholas benson my grandfather was one of the brothers for benson brothers shipbuilding im trying to find any info on benson brothers.thanks

  8. David Earl says:

    My name is David Earl and I am a boat broker from Midcoast, Maine. I was wondering if there would be any interest in our boats where you guys are. Most of our boats are from 30′-50′. Feel free to email me back. Thank you

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