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Tara Dawn

Tara Dawn: built 1976, hailing port San Francisco and based in Fort Bragg

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  1. Bill&Cindy Cara says:

    We saw her launched! Vacationing in Fort Bragg years ago, (from Grass Valley CA) we saw this ship positioned on the ramp and went to see what it was all about. We were told it was the largest one to be built in Noyo Harbor up to that date and they were waiting till the highest tide of the year to launce her. It was going to happen in a few days. We rushed home, got Cindy’s Mom and three of our children and came back for the launch and christening. Can’t remember the exact year, must have been 1976. It was quite exciting for us! Many years later, we were visiting family in Washington and drove over to the coast in Eureka. We ate and decided to take a few moments to look at the marina. To our delight, there was the Tara Dawn! Amazing coincidence since we have been to the coast only a few times in our life. Just visited Fort Bragg – and here she is again.

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