Vicious Fisher (US)

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Vicious Fisher (US)

Vicious Fisher (US)

The Vicious Fisher (ex Lorenda Lynn) was a long time Canadian boat built in Delta in 1980. Canadian registry closed in Sept. 2009

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  1. Sue Schmidt says:

    I use to work with Vance Fletcher off the North and South Coast of B.C. on the Victor F., for black cod. Team members were Keith, Stevie, and Charlie our engineer. I miss all.
    Thank you so much for posting this information.

  2. John Zwodeski says:

    from John Zwodeski: I fished for Black Cod on the Lorenda Lynn under Tony Pederson in the early 80′s . I believe after Vance bought her she caught on fire and was rebuilt as the Vicious Fisher . It was a beautiful boat built in 1980 by Ernie Wahl and sons . We fished the west coast of Vancouver Island . Spent the early part of a season (Feb to Oct) out of Winter Harbour the Year the Canucks lost in game 7 . The house was so out of proportion you had to use a stabilizer on the starboard side . That 100 lb wing flew out of the water into the hull , house , galley window more than once. That was my first boat I fished on , we weathered a few bad storms . Me being green and stupid had no idea the severity of the storm , 8 guys in the wheelhouse passing around a bottle , only 2 had survival suit’s (?) . All good though . The power of The Sea sure gave you the impression of being insignificant whenever it wanted to . It is currently in deep, 300-foot water,13 miles off La Push right in the middle of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary .

    • Sue Schmidt says:

      Amazing. I remember the fire and then Vance rebuilding it down at Fraser River Docks. I missed the “fire trip” and was glad to hear all were ok.. because the boats went so far out. So many stories. Kind of you to respond.

  3. Bob Richards says:

    Was on the Nordic Spirit and rescued the crew off her when she burnt as the Lurinda Lynn. Deckhand hung his raingear in engine room to dry by the exhaust, caught fire and burnt the wheelhouse off her. Towed hull into Co-op in Uclulet where she sank at the dock. Wilf Landry owned her and Vance Fletcher skippered. I have pictures of her on fire at sea and then the burnt hull in Ukee.

  4. Kevin Trill says:

    I fished with Vance from the first sailing as the Lorrenda Lynn. I was on her when she burned and went swimming in the engine room to turn seacocks off. Sailed with Vance on the VF for 12 years after that. Never missed a trip. We remained good friends until he died.

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