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Velma C

Velma C built 1928 by Menchions in Coal Harbour, Vancouver, BC

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  1. Rick McDaniel says:

    My great Grandfather owned this boat in the 50’s and 60’s and fished halibut in the Bering Strait with her. My father went out with him in the 60’s. Took my daughter to Steveston today and was thrilled to see her still here and still fishing.

  2. Kelsea says:

    Hi Rick

    My grandfather was the owner from 1987-this year when he finally retired! He had me randomly search “VELMA C” and this reply popped up.

    We are all connected.


  3. danny arundel says:

    I now own this boat and fish tuna with it.for a 87 year old boat it is in excellent condition.

  4. Colin Svoboda says:

    My father John purchased this vessel sometime in the 60’s. He fished halibut and trolled salmon at the time and she was moored in Tofino. Later sold in the 70’s for the Jolly Roger.
    Thanks for posting the picture and it’s great to see her looking well maintained.

  5. David Barre says:

    I own a signed framed photo of the Velma-C Titled In motion. the photo is done by a woman named Anne Rogers.. Can anyone tell me anything abouther?

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