Ocean Star

From the Bering to the Baja

Ocean Star

Ocean Star

Ocean Star built Matsumoto at Dollarton in 1955.

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  1. Randy Brown. says:

    Wow haven’t seen this old girl I years of course I remember her without the aluminum dodger. Dick sim used to own her . My dad Gordon Brown was the engineer on her for years. Good to see she’s still working.

  2. Clayton R. Shaw says:

    The Ocean Star suffered a tragic incident when she capsized in heavy weather off of Cape Mudge, January 29, 1966 with the loss of five crewmembers all from Sointula, B.C.

  3. Tammy Smith says:

    If this is the same Ocean Star..my grandfather fished this boat and unfortunately was one of the 7 men who lost their lives when it capsized in January of 1966 in the Georgia Straight.

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