Lions Gate

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Lions Gate

Lions Gate

Lions Gate: Built 1938 by U. Miyobuchi at Lower Capilano owned 2012 by Galen Isham Plumley of Tofino

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  1. Tanza Mergaert-Davies says:

    The Lions Gate was my grandfather’s boat. I remember it very clearly. His name was Octave J Mergaert (Butch). He lived on Quadra Island,BC and fished for Queen Charlotte Fisheries for many years. Always wondered what happened to it after it was sold in the late 70’s. I just heard it sunk in Tofino ,BC and wondered if this is true…

    • alanhaigbrown says:

      Thanks for being in touch Tanza. I remember your grandfather, Butch Mergaert’s, name from when I seined out of Quathiaski Cove in the 1960s and 70s. According to the Canadian registry the boat is still registered to Galen Plumley of Tofin, BC.

  2. Galen Plumley says:

    LIONS GATE was an angel . i have many stories from the four years that i ran her and lived aboard . i had many heritage wrecks with personalities but i do have to say that she was the most epic ,classic and beautiful (what was left of her anyways) i had hoped that someone would do a proper story of her life while she still lived ,such as LIONS GATE films inc. or an old skipper — for the salts of the fishing industry or just for the romance of the wooden boat . ps thanks for the photo ! this is the only one i have seen yet ,i did hear the Ken Gibson had a few collecting dust somewhere here in Tofino. would love to see more!

  3. Collette says:

    Hi Tanza,

    I can confirm the Lion’s Gate did sink in Tofino, BC. It actually sunk twice. The first time was covered by the and the owner, Galen Plumley re-floated her. I heard she sunk a second time but have not heard the full details about it.

    Doug Mousseau owned her before, and sold her to Galen.

    She was a beautiful boat, I was very fond of her. It’s so great to hear the Lion’s Gate history. Thanks for sharing!

  4. barry williams says:

    My Great Uncle, researched and found it did sink in Lemmens Inlet in 2009

  5. Reggy says:

    The Lions Gate is history now and it’s carcass can still be seen on a mud flat in the mouth of lemmens inlet. someone who knows would have to tell you it’s the lions gate to know because there is another carcass right beside it. both are not recognizable. i used to know the name of the other one but forget now.

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