Kelly Anne (ex Jennifer Gayle)

From the Bering to the Baja

Kelly Anne (ex Jennifer Gayle)

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  1. John Millicheap says:

    I think this boat is the old Amber 3, the original Jennifer Gayle was built by Banks Marine in Nanoose for Bosey Crosby, but they went broke before it was finished. B.C Packers owned it for a while, then it went to Masset and became the Donna Marie, and became a crabber and was widened, then became the Lasqueti Fisher #1.

  2. April McLean-Collart says:

    Just a small update…
    The Kelly-Anne, now registered and fishing in Washington State, is indeed the former Amber III, and also the Jennifer Gayle.
    The Amber III was designed by my father George McLean, blueprints drawn by naval architect Robert Allan, built and launched at Manly
    Shipyards in early 1960. The name, Amber III, was a combination of my mother, myself and my sister’s names/initials. Following the death of my father she was fished for many years by
    Allan Wainwright.
    Willis (Bosey) Crosby purchased the Amber III and fished herring with her in the late 1980’s. She was indeed widened and lengthened and renamed the Jennifer Gayle, after Bosey’s wife and daughter. She was later purchased by Kenny Seymour who used her as a herring packer and as a charter fishing vessel.
    In the mid 2000’s she was sold to an American fisherman, renamed the Kelly Anne, and fished again as a seiner.

  3. April McLean-Collart says:

    Could you please amend your information as per my reply

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