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Elva M No. 2

Elva M No. 2 built 1927 by Y. Nakede, Steveston BC

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  1. richard massey says:

    I purchased this vessel in 2003 from Sherringham Fish. They had owned it for many seasons cash buying for Alex Andrews. The registry says it was built in 1927, but the original Elva M was built by Menchions in 1928 so something doesn’t add up. Both owners were reported to be Sakai’s so more research is required. Who was Elva M? Doesn’t appear to be Japanese. I have packed with this old girl for 12 years and spent hundreds of hours with limited funds to restore her enough to continue packing. Last year the CSI finally caught up to me and pretty much ended her packing career. Too bad for an 88 year old working vessel, no way I can afford 60K to pass CSI. Anyone wishing to restore a classic west coast vesssel is welcome to visit her in Steveston. So many people have worked on her over her lifetime, too many stories to tell.

  2. tomas walker says:

    The Elva M II is up for sale as of April 2016 in Steveston. Rigged for packing.

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