Milbanke Sound at shipyard on Fraser North Arm

From the Bering to the Baja

Milbanke Sound at shipyard on Fraser North Arm

Milbanke Sound

Milbanke Sound: Built Benson Bros of Vancouver in 1963.

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  1. Karl Darwin says:

    As of January 2018 the Milbank Sound was renamed 1397 and sold late February to FISHBOX DE SA DE CV of Ensenada, Mexico. It will be fishing sardines for a tuna farm apparently…

  2. Ross Hunt says:

    First time we ever saw this boat was on West Coast we where on the old Dominion Number 1. No radar only a wet and dry paper sounder. dad was following a 35 phathom self back to Victoria from San Juane. Out of the fog came this beautiful boat going full boar, they had lugcery of Radar. Looked like a ghost coming out of the fog full boar. Not many boats had radar in those days.

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