BC Seiners

This page is to document BC seine boats including some historic boats. I have given a bit of info on each one but please do add your comments with more stories of builders, owners or crew of each boat. For BC seiners that I have missed please sent pictures to me that you have the rights for or that you have taken. They will go on a separate page. It would be nice to get a pic of each boat. please credit the site and Alan Haig-Brown if you want to use any.

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8 Responses to BC Seiners

  1. I do appreciate these pictures very much.I wish you had some table seiners here.The one mainly is that table seine boat called Kinkasan or Kinkasan “A” thank you.

    • alanhaigbrown says:

      Thanks Buster: I see in my records that the Kindasan A was built at Seymour Creek in 1929 by K. Sasaki for Sasri Gotah.

  2. alanhaigbrown says:

    Alex Wilson writes: Comment:
    I love this website…I have been looking for commercial fishing boat photos from Alert Bay from way back in the early 70s..
    I Remember the vessel owned by Jimmy Sewid, (Twin Sisters) Anna M owned by Ozzie Sewid, Twin Islands owned by John Onley…and on and on….
    I remember when the place was booming with fisherman……
    Thanks for the photos..

  3. Pedro Luzuriaga says:

    I am looking to buy a purse seiner rigged vessel. How can I found out which boats are for sale asking price and basic specifications GRT, NT, Cargo Hold Capacity, Engine, Berths, Net, etc. My budget is $500K – $650K

  4. Ken Gibson says:

    Do you wish to add “Table Seiners” ?

    • alanhaigbrown says:

      I would put them up on the Historic photos page as most table seiners that were still active in the early ’60s became drum seiners.

  5. joe white says:

    I didn’t see a photo of the phyliss Cormack, the first green peace, my dad went westward for halibut fishing, I later went herring and salmon seining aboard her, now that was boat with some history.

  6. I’m looking for photos and info on the Nakade built seiner Merry Chase. I’d particularly like to know anything about when she was repowered with a Cat 334 and who her owner was when the wheelhouse was adapted. That work might have been done by Mario Ursich or someone who knew his innovative style.

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