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Gallant Maid

Gallant Maid built by Harold Hansen in 1950 owned by William Broadhead, Petersburg, hailing port Jackson Hole WY

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  1. Tony Forret says:

    My uncle, late Francis Barcott, bought “Gallant Maid” from NEFCO in 1973. Renamed in “Ethel B” at that time and sold it to Dewayne Whitney in 1983, who renamed it “Tenacious.” We repowered her in 1980. Replaced old D364 Cat with NTA-855 Cummins.

  2. Scott McAllister says:

    Tod Broadhead. Keeps a tight ship; that’s the way he likes em.

  3. Martin Taylor says:

    She was a dandy. I traveled and fished around the old Ethel B when I was on the Sea Comber with Jr. Seaman. Two Hansen boats with the lovely lines and dispositions that Hansen had in mind. What a pleasure.

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