From the Bering to the Baja


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  1. Scott McAllister says:

    This boat use to be the Dora R. It is built from corten steel which is a steel alloy combination that is rich in nickel and much strong and corrosion resistant than mild steel. These were great boats. The houses were made of wood and require the care that goes with wood preservation. Considering that this boat is 45 years old and still a kick ass work horse, Yah Bro..! The Carl R it’s sister, sank one November night in a complete white out in Dead Man’s Reach in Peril Strait, 1973. One man dead and two picked off the beach on Emmons Island. God Bless.

  2. Scott McAllister says:

    Guess it wasn’t the Dora R. and there were three of them. Dora R, Carl R and ? Any way, one of them sank that night, I was crabbing on the Baranof Queen and it was my first experience with dearth at sea.

  3. paul webber says:

    The Dora R and Carl R were built by Sam Rubinstein as dual purpose crabber seiners, I fished on the Dora R out of Anacortes in 1962. It had a 6110 Jimmy for power and was very under powered and drank fuel, she was beamier for her day and comfortable to work and live on…
    Rubinstein was owner of Farwest Fisheries, Whitney-Fidalgo and several canneries in Alaska, the 2 boats were named after his parents

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