From the Bering to the Baja


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  1. Scott McAllister says:

    This boat was sunk twice. Once with a load of salmon on the Alsek River bar while tending set net salmon in the Yakutat salmon fishery. The second time by Jerry Holmstrom while fishing herring on Bellingham Bay. Another boat towed the net to town and when they hauled it the mast popped up and it was salvaged. Larry Painter bought the salvaged and rebuilt boat from Jerry and turned it into the ultimate show of pride of ownership of any seine boat ever cared for. JP bought it from Larry and keeps the pride intact to this day. Nice Boat!

  2. Desmond says:

    Hi I have a few questions about your boat

  3. Hi –
    I am the daughter of the original owner of the Alsek, Fred Erickson. Seeing this picture brought back happy memories of this boat and my dad.

  4. Inga Erickson says:

    Hello – Thankyou for keeping the Alsek so beautifully maintained. My father Fred Erickson helped build and was the original owner of the Alsek.

    I saw the Alsek at Fisherman’s terminal in Ballard not to many years ago and took photos of it. I will be at Chinooks in Ballard on 9-19-16 for a reunion of friend and hope to see it once more. The Alsek brings back many great memories.

  5. Inga says:

    I have included my email address below.

  6. Chris gonyer says:

    I worked this boat as a dumb teen when Larry Painter had her (he was basically uncle larry to the family). I would really love to get some pictures of her if you have any i can have or purchase. I would like to frame them as this the boat that set me on 30+ years of being a sailor

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