D C Cole

From the Bering to the Baja

D C Cole

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  1. Scott McAllister says:

    If the DC Cole was crossing the Columbia Bar in this picture, it was Sardine fishing at the time. It was built for Ralf Cole by Delta Marine in Seattle and named after Ralf’s father Del Cole. Del was the infamous salmon seiner on the Radio from Anacortes WA. back in the day. Ralf and son have proudly carried on family traditions.

  2. duane dinnocente says:

    Wow the DC Cole! I worked on that boat 20 years ago. Ralph is a hell of a captain and the DC was like riding in a Coup De Ville on the water. Linda his wife, always had breakfast ready and busted her buns working on deck as well. I learned how to play cribbage on that boat thanks to Ralph and Bid Zacker. I have a lot of great memories working for Ralp…. Thanks for the good times. I have a lot of pictures of the DC. I’ll muster them up if you want to see them.

  3. Joe Jackson says:

    Ralf had a heart attack on deck last season during a set. He is okay now though.

  4. Martin Taylor says:

    Yeah Ralph was the guy who ran for cover when skippering the Bobetta when the seiner Inventer (Ivan Suryan) was in trouble in a bad westerly off west beach on Whidbey Island. No respect for the man after that.

    • paul webber says:

      I was on the Bobetta that day, and there was nothing that underpowered slab was going to do to help Ivan, we barely made it off West Beach and across the Pass ourselves……….absolutely the correct decision
      paul webber

    • paul webber says:

      I was on board the Bobetta and she was an underpowered piece of sh**t with a drum onboard way overloaded…. we barely made it across the Pass on our way home. We were all sick we couldn’t help Ivan, but we’d have lost the boat.
      paul webber

  5. Avery Seman says:

    Too bad the Sea Comber wasn’t in here too.

  6. Neal Whitson says:

    Jeffery Martin was running the Babette with Ralph at that time and it was the PT. Defiance that ran ashore. The crew was less than 1/4 mile from West beach. Why give up 2 boats? Good call by the Captain.

  7. Martin says:

    I worked in the Sea Comber as well for junior Seaman. Ran skiff for him. Junior would have never left another boat unattended in distress.

  8. Jason says:

    Im trying to get ahold of Ralph Cole. My cell number is 907-482-0037 if someone has it can you text it to me please. Jason Long

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