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Solimar now in Newport, Oregon, licensed to troll in Oregon. 43' Remmem built in 1968 at British Columbia, Canada. Just finished putting it together to fish. Home for a few days, and then it gets to bounce around in the Pacific until October. BC fiberglass fish holds are hard on ribs, but most of the boat is sound and it ran from Port Hardy to Newport with no problems. Sloppy and foggy all the way down the Juan de Fuca Straits and US coast. Waited out a southerly in Westport for three days. Jimmie ran well. Boat bucks good. I have no idea of what it is like in a sea off the stern. Only ran with stabies out two days of seven....from John Thomas jr.

Still Fishin'

This is a link to my most recent book on commercial fishing. The book interviews BC fishermen to understand the effect of corporate concentrations.

Model Boats

Noted British Columbia modeler Ron Burchett grew up in Ucluelet and now supplies these troller hulls to modelers like Jerry Julian of Olympia WA. To see more models click below...

Sather Built

Hi Alan, I dug up some photos of my parent's old troller Stillwater Bay. She's a Sather, built in 1971 named Stillwater. Renamed Renegade 3 and later Stillwater Bay (Stillwater was taken by then). Thanks for maintaining such a great website. Andrew